Best QR Code Scanner App – Scan It If You’ve Got it

When it comes to QR Codes, there are three necessities: you need a smartphone with a camera, Internet access and a scanner app. Go online and type in QR Code Scanner Apps. You’ll find more than enough options to fill a book. But are there some that are better than others? It’s really a matter of the device you use and whether you want to pay for the app or are looking to get quality scanning software on the cheap (free). Here are a few of the scanner apps that we would recommend (and even use here at Hipscan).


QuickMark is not only a reliable QR Code reader for most phones, but it’s also one of the easiest to use. For a majority of QR Codes, there is no need to even open the app in order to scan the code as the app will automatically do it for you. From there, the app allows you to navigate a series of options for the QR Code.

Price – Free when you sign up for an account but $0.99 for iPhone (go figure).

BeeTagg Reader

BeeTagg also works on most mobile devices. You can check their site (as you should with all of our recommended scanner apps) to make sure that your mobile device is compatible. BeeTagg requires you to open the app in order to scan the QR Code but then will offer you the option of scanning the new code or accessing a previously scanned code. To scan a new QR Code from the BeeTagg interface, you simple select the Camera option and the software will do the rest. One of the high points of BeeTag is that it works with a number of code types.

Price – Free

ScanLife Reader

ScanLife Reader works with the majority of mobile devices and does an excellent job of scanning QR Codes. There are a few things that make it a little less appealing than BeeTag or QuickMark and these issue come to the fore upon first use of the app. You need to enter demographic information about yourself before you can use the app (things like Name, Age, Annual Income, ZIP Code and e-mail address). Your e-mail address can then be used to send data, like contact information, from the QR Code to your e-mail address (which can also be seen as a plus).

Price – Free


i-nigma makes our list because, chances are, if you’ve recently purchased a Japanese smart phone, the reader come in the standard app package. It reads a variety of barcodes, including QR Codes and UPC, along with a host of others. i-nigma touts itself as the most widely-used barcode reader on the planet. This has not be confirmed, but judging by the amount of new Japanese smartphones are being grabbed up everyday, it’s probably accurate.

Price – Free


Mobiletag is, like our other recommendations, a highly versatile scanner that works with most handhelds. Once again, the reader works in the traditional fashion, where you have to open the app and scan the QR Code manually to get it to take you to the pre-specified location.

Price – Free