Busting 3 Common QR Code Myths

Despite the popularity of QR codes, there are still many myths and confused users out there. Some of these myths are responsible for convincing some business owners not to spend their time on this highly effective form of mobile marketing.

So in order to clear up the waters, here are some of the most common myths about QR codes, debunked and explained.

1 – Ugh…QR codes look tacky and boring. Why would anyone pay attention to them?

Standard QR codes do tend to look formulaic and, if we’re being honest, less than exciting. However, there is no need for your QR codes to be bland. You can easily incorporate colors, logos and images into a QR code. The thing you need to remember is not to cover up or manipulate the three corner squares.

Some marketing gurus are actually using QR codes as part of their image these says. This can be seen in the now famous Iron Man movie poster and the lingerie ads where QR codes are the only thing covering up certain parts of the female anatomy.

2 – QR codes have had their day in the sun; no one is using them anymore.

The population of large cities disagree with this notion. Just look at London where QR codes are scanned at an average of 10,000 times a month. QR codes that are used as part of attractions in museums and public events also have an outstanding scan rate. With more and more businesses using them these days, these numbers will likely continue to climb.

3 – What’s the big deal? They just take users to a URL.

Not true at all. While the majority of QR codes do indeed take scanners to a URL, they can also eb used to hold any sort of text or information. When people learn how to use them correctly, you can use your QR code to send e-mails and text messages as well as making phone calls and bringing up maps to specific locations.

These are just a few of the myth running rampant. What others have you heard? We’ll bust those, too!