Hipscan QR Code Placement

When it comes to where you place your QR Code…there really is no magic formula. The sizing rule trumps it every time because, if your target market can’t read the code with their phone (or doesn’t see it) it doesn’t matter where you place it. There are, however, some general guidelines that will help you in placing your QR Code and driving more traffic.

  • Test your QR Code before you run anything to make sure that it works. Try it on more than one device. This way you’ll know that your QR Code is going to do the job it was intended to do…drive traffic.
  • Clear out space around your QR Code. White space is effective as a marketing tool overall, even more so when you’re trying to make sure that something gets noticed. White space also makes your QR Code more scan-friendly as you don’t have the interference that can occur when you have a cluttered ad.
  • Running your QR Code on a computer or television screen? The only thing you need to make sure of is that you leave the QR Code on the screen for as long as possible. If you’re doing a 30 second spot…leave it on the entire 30 seconds.
  • Place it on everything. Big. Small. Medium. No matter the size, a Hipscan QR Code will give you a lot of mileage…so use it as much as possible. One of the unique nuances of a Hipscan QR Code is that the address your driving customer traffic to is changeable (we’re the only ones that offer that), so you can send customers to wherever you want at any time without having to change the QR Code on your marketing elements in order to do it.