4 Reasons People Aren't Scanning Your QR Codes

So you’ve had your QR codes created and you’ve started implementing them into your mobile marketing campaigns. Great! But now…well, why aren’t they being scanned?

There could be many different reasons that people are ignoring your QR codes. If any of the following apply to your campaigns, you need to make some changes as soon as possible.

Where is it located? - You’ll often see QR codes on a webpage. This really makes no sense. It’s just a glitzy way to take you to anther page and it’s no different than clicking on a link. QR codes are best utilized when they are placed on printed materials. Hardly anyone is going to scan a QR code they find online. In fact, those that are QR code savvy will likely see you as a novice that has no idea how to utilize mobile marketing.

Privacy – When was the last time you actually saw someone on a busy street or on a bus taking the time to scan a QR code? It doesn’t happen very often. The reasons behind this are many, but the most obvious is that most people don’t want to be judged on the content they are scanning.

Fear – You should accompany your QR code with a very brief explanation of where the code will take the user. More nad more, people are growing wary of scanning a code that doesn’t come with this sort of information. This is merely a safety precaution many users are now taking since scammers and hackers have learned how to use QR codes to their advantage.

Uncertainty – Are you making it clear what the Qr code is connected to? Most people aren’t going to scan a random QR code unless it is part of a larger marketing piece or, at the very least, is labeled with a company name or intention.

If all of these factors are in line, you may need to simply re-evaluate the geographical location of the QR codes. There’s no exact science to the best location, so depending on your location and the behavior of your target audience, it could come down to simply experimenting with location.
What other ideas has your company come up with in order to get more scans?