Placing QR Codes on Bumper Stickers

One of the general rules of thumb for QR code placement is to not place them on moving vehicles such as buses. Billboards are a big no-no as well. However, in all of this, it should be said that this rule can be bent in one instance.

Think about how often you see bumper stickers. Sometimes you’ll see one that cracks you up or, in the case of overly political ones, stirs some anger in you. Whatever the case may be, bumper stickers stand out. It stands to reason that if something such a bumper sticker gets so much attention, a QR code would be perfect for including on them.

Of course, there are a few guidelines for both the scanner and the person that has placed the code. For instance…

For the scanner:
Don’t try scanning while you are following a car in traffic. This is dangerous and can result in a car accident. If you have a passenger, have them scan it. If you are alone, wait for the next red light and scan it then. If the car turns off before a red light occurs…well, consider it a missed opportunity.

If you are scanning a QR code on a parked car, don’t linger. There’s a difference between showing interest in a bumper sticker and loitering. Please know the difference between the two.

For the sticker-owner:
Are you in a band? Own a small business? Print up some bumper stickers and place a QR code on it. Stick them on your own vehicles and hand them out at events. This a great form of advertisement that, surprisingly, hasn’t really been implemented to its full extent.

Be sure to make the code as big and as readable as you can without interfering with the sticker’s design.

Common sense should prevail when it comes to scanning QR codes that are affixed to moving vehicles. As long as safety and a respect for local laws are considered in terms of placement and scanning, placing QR codes on bumper stickers could turn out to be highly effective.