3 Fun Ways Your Business Can Use QR Codes

Want to know why QR codes have gotten so much buzz over the last few years? Well, if you’re already using them as part of your marketing attack, you likely already know. But if you are relatively new to QR codes and what they are capable of, there’s something you should know about them.

Not only are they outstanding at getting new droves of traffic and potential customers, they are also a lot of fun once you get the hang of them. Some businesses are getting incredibly creative and using QR codes in ways that are incredibly creative and clever.

Here are a few examples of the sort of fun you can have with QR codes.

Show Your Audience Around: This is a tactic anyone can use—from a small business with only two or three employees to a huge university. Place a QR code on a basic promotional flyer that links to a video of a tour. For small businesses, just show them around your office. Tell personal stories about moving in or even something as trivial as the kind of coffee is in the coffee pot. For larger business, give a stop-by-stop tour of individual departments or offices.

Use Easter Eggs: Any gamer knows what Easter eggs are (outside of yummy snacks we get each spring). They are hidden items that people accidentally find that add a certain element of fun to the game. You can place QR codes in brochures or posters, or even on your website, that link to random fun items that are related to your business. Use comical in-office videos, special promotions only available upon accessing the QR code, or anything that isn’t expected from your basic promotion. This not only increases the value of the user’s experience, but makes you look fun and relevant in the process.

More About Your Staff: Create QR codes for each member of your staff. Have the codes link to a web page with detailed information about the staff members. Be sure to make it fun by including information such as favorite movies, favorite color, and pet peeves.

There’s no limit to the fun you can have with QR codes. What are some other ways you have been able to use QR codes to promote your business and have fun at the same time?