How QR Codes Can Make Your Videos Pop

If you’re a small business owner that keeps up with marketing trends, you probably know just how popular video marketing has gotten. A well placed and well-crafted video on YouTube can do wonders for getting your name out there. Warm welcome videos are a great way to let people know more about your company while also letting them get a glimpse of your personality.

But how do you make sure word gets out? How can you ensure that your video is seen by all f the right people?

Well, many people are relying on the use of QR codes to link people to their videos.

The QR code you create can be placed on anything you like: a business card, a flyer, a direct mail piece, or anything else along those lines. This essentially places your video on multiple channels; it is a clever and inventive way to get your vide message into printed media. Anyone that received a flyer with the QR code on it can scan it. Then, once they find the video, the link can be shared online via social media and e-mails.

Some businesses are taking this a step further. When you begin to develop relationships with customers, you can actually create custom videos specifically for that client. Discuss needs that are specific to them and address them by name. In doing this, you can also create a custom QR code that links only to that video. You can place this QR code on direct mail that goes out to that customer only, or you can just drop it in an e-mail.

Of course, it helps if the customer has a QR scanning app. If you are not sure, it doesn’t hurt to place a small note and a link to your app of choice in the mail.

This is just another great example of how QR codes and other forms of mobile marketing are redefining the way that businesses communicate with their customers.

What are some other personalized ways you can think of for QR codes to help better communicate with your audience?