More Creative Ways Businesses Are Using QR Codes

Because QR codes have become so popular these days, companies are having to get more creative than ever to find new ways to implement them into their marketing and advertising strategies. Customers are quickly growing tired of the same old gimmicks and are quickly picking up on lazy uses of QR codes.

Take a hint from these following examples in trying to stay creative.

  • Macy’s department store has been using a variety of tricks when it comes to QR codes, but none have been quite as popular as the codes pinned to clothes that take the buyer to a page of fashion tips. These QR codes provide information in regards to how the items should be worn and what other clothing items go well with the product.
  • Spotify has quickly become the go-to source for free music. Its popularity has forced it to be innovative with marketing and customer satisfaction strategies. Recently, Spotify started using QR codes to make a special form of mixtape. The user creates a playlist and then shares it with anyone they want via a QR code. This is a simple yet fun way to use QR codes that many Spotify users have used frequently.
  • Scandinavian Airlines is using QR codes as a way for flying couples to save some money. Known as the Couple Up to Buckle Up promotion, it allows couples to scan a pair of side-by-side QR codes to access a special couples’ discount. This also ensures that these couples will be booked in seats next to one another. The discount is only available by scanning both QR codes at the same time.
  • Olive Garden has made their waiting time a bit more bearable for their customers. They have placed QR codes on their coasters which take diners to a quiz about wine and Italian food. This is a fun way for patrons to pass the time while waiting on their food.

These are just a few examples of fun and creative ways some businesses are using QR codes. What are some other impressive uses you have seen?