QR Best Practices – Five Rules For Effective QR Code Marketing

Here at Hipscan, we have an abundance of experience in QR Code marketing, that we’ve distilled down to specific product offerings that provide the best efficiency and effectiveness for our clients when they enter in to this fairly new technological marketing space.

Now, we’re not saying that you need someone who’s been on the cusp of everything QR Code related to be successful…but it can sure reduce your learning curve. However, we realize there are those people out there who can’t defeat their do-it-yourself mentality, and because we can help but want to help, we’re providing you these 5 Rules for Effective QR Code Marketing. Use them to your advantage…and don’t hesitate to contact Hipscan should you have any other questions or need any type of assistance in your marketing venture.

RULE #1: You Can’t Make It Big Enough

Hey, big makes a splash. Look at all those Audi engineers over there in Japan that put together the largest QR Code in the world. They made it in to the Guinness Book of World Records (and haven’t we all dreamed of that?). But, honestly, the larger you can make your QR Code, the better the chance that those your sending it to are going to be able to scan it…and more easily. As long as they can fit it in their scanning app box, it will read.

Here’s a good exercise. Use your smartphone and scan the QR Codes you can find around the house or office. Find out which work best and then take in to consideration the size of each.

RULE #2: Make Your QR Code Stand Out

There’s a principle that is seldom heeded in the marketing world…give your marketing material white space. That means that you shouldn’t try to pack every little ounce of information in to one 8.5 × 11 sheet. The cleaner the read, the more apt people are to read it…and they more they’re apt to get out of it. That same principle can be applied to a QR Code. Black on white is best and leave some room around it so that it is easily read. Your customers are only going to work at scanning your QR Code for so long before they give up on it. What happens when you get people giving up on scanning your code? You lose engagements all because you wanted to make everything around the code fancy and full of information. An auxiliary tactic to this is to make your URL as short and simple as possible. Doing this allows for a faster QR Code scan and quicker access to your marketing.

RULE #3: Put Them Where People Use Their Phones

Having a billboard with a huge QR Code is not necessarily a bad idea, but for reasons other than the intent of the code. If you’re putting your QR Code on a billboard on a major freeway…what kind of action do you think that code is going to get with traffic whizzing by while drivers fumble to get their scanning app open and read your code…it’s not going to happen.
That’s why you want to put your QR Codes in places where people tend to have their mobile devices and the time to scan the codes. Magazines, newspapers and direct mailers are ideal locations for your QR Code, along with product packaging, on the Internet. Then, there are also novel usage locations like on coffee mugs, t-shirts and business cards.

RULE #4: Give The Consumer Something Of Value

Think about it. Potential consumers are going to take the time to open an app and scan your code. How cheated do they feel when they go to your static web page (especially one that’s not optimized for mobile viewing) or a poorly put together promotional site. They took the time—make the experience the pay off for taking the time. You can use coupons, relevant content or just plain entertainment to generate customer loyalty. With interactive technology and the web, there are so many unique and compelling ways you can impact your audience. It merely takes a little brain-power to be effective in your marketing efforts and turn scanners into buyers.

RULE #5: Know Your Market

At this stage in the QR Code arena, there is a large part of the population who just don’t scan QR Codes (and some that never will). So, before you jump in with both feet, make sure you have a product that is going to appeal to those that will scan a QR Code. Here’s a brief breakdown of QR Code demographics:

-25 to 54
-Mostly Male
-Have A Smart Phone

So, if you’re trying to sell a retirement community or adult diapers…might want to look for a new marketing avenue. If, however, you’re trying to sell a new artist, a golf club, an automobile, etc., etc., etc…QR Codes are going to make for some effective sales generating pieces. That is, provided you follow the other 4 rules as well.