What Are You Telling Them? Where Are You Sending Them?

The success of any marketing effort lies in your ability to create synergy between the consumer’s first contact with your brand, product or service and the payoff that lies at the end of their journey. In other words, you need to make sure that whoever is following your strategically placed QR Code finds something that approximates their expectations when they scan it.

Whether it’s a promotion, a new product, a limited time offering or simply an engagement opportunity for your brand, what you say on the vehicle used to drive traffic (that’s the print ad, direct mailer, etc. that your QR Code appears) needs to convey what you are going to pay them off with once they reach your online space. Both are equally important, and you need to make sure that they work together.

There are a few general guidelines you can follow to help make your QR Code marketing efforts more powerful, assuming you have the right call-to-action/payoff equation.

Dynamic Media (videos, photos and imagery in general) have better holding power and create a stronger emotional connection between consumers and the brand.

  • Limited-Time Offerings tend to create more of a sense of urgency and draw a greater response. This, of course, is only valid if there is an actual limited-time offer.
  • Free Stuff. People love free stuff. This can be in the form of a download or a piece of tchotchke (cheap crap) or some type of contest with an instant win component.
  • Discounts, Coupons and Special Offers are something that is widely used with larger corporate retailers and service providers. They can motivate people to scan the QR Code…but it better be worth the customer’s time, or it’s not worth yours.

What applies best for you brand, product or service depends on what you’re trying to achieve and, obviously, you need to appeal to those that you are trying to reach…your target market. Miss the mark and all your efforts will, most likely, be for naught.