AT&T Gets in on the QR Code Evolution

QR codes have become so popular that large companies are now building entire marketing campaigns around them. This can be seen in the new partnership that has been established between AT&T and Scanbuy.

The sole purpose of this partnership is to make it easier and more convenient for businesses to use QR codes as a means to run their mobile marketing and commerce campaigns. Beyond that, AT&T also hopes that their partnership will help provide a more engaging and timely experience for their customers. This is just a first step in what the two companies hope will be a very fruitful partnership that will continue to provide mobile commerce solutions well into the future.

The details of their use of QR codes will be nothing new to those that are well-informed about QR code uses and impactful campaigns. The campaign will allow businesses to use features that will place their content on many digital platforms. The QR codes will lead customers to pages that, at any given time, will offer several benefits such as discounts, coupons, special promotions, and so on.

Like other popular QR code campaigns we have seen in the past, AT&T and Scanbuy will be offering their customers a variety of enhanced benefits such as creating a more personal experience per each customer and making it easier to access company information such as contact details . The campaigns also serve to increase brand awareness for both companies while fully optimizing landing pages for their services.

Of course, the help of Scanbuy allows AT&T to offer services it has not been able to provide in the past, making it a partnership that is beneficial to both companies. It also shows that AT&T is keeping up with evolving trends not only within their industry, but in terms of what their customers are looking for in terms of convenience.

As more larger businesses adapt to the QR code revolution, chances are we will see them used in new exciting ways. This partnership is, really just a blip on the radar of how QR codes are shifting the way companies are adapting to mobile marketing.