Gillette Uses QR Codes (and Kate Upton) in New Marketing Campaign

It seems that companies are finding new ways to integrate QR codes as part of their ads on a daily basis. No longer are the codes just parked in the lower corner of the poster—now they are being used as the focal point, and often in creative ways.

The latest company to successfully pull this off is Gillette. A recent print ad shows a scantily clad Kate Upton sitting poolside and giving a seductive look to the camera. A headline asks: “How Does Kate Upton Like Her Man’s Body Styled? Read Her Mind.”

Her mind is represented by a word balloon that is filled with a QR code. Upon clicking the QR code, the user is then taken to a video of Upton in an interview format. In the interview, she is asked how she likes her man to look, especially in regards to hair and grooming. The questions end up being somewhat sexually provocative, doing a great job of capturing the younger market for Gillette.

(See the ad here).

This print ad is only one of a few. There are other posters with different models. The ads are presented in the same way with the QR Code in the thought balloon leading to a video interview.

This is another great way to use QR codes for several reasons. The campaign is essentially betting on the fact that almost males given the chance to see more of Kate Upton will scan a QR code to do so. For Gillette, the gimmick is driving people to their ads and creating a whole new kind of brand awareness.

More than that, the QR codes are leading consumers to a new razor that is based heavily upon market research geared towards the shaving preferences of men. Of course, with Kate Upton and her model friends putting in their input in these new ads, there are sure to be some changes.