How QR Codes Are Making Grocery Shopping More Convenient

The more you look at the ways QR codes are being used, the more likely you are to come across some very unique and inventive ways they are being used. Some actually seem so simple, you may be a bit irritated that you didn’t come up with it yourself.

A good example of a QR code that makes shopping easier for the consumer while helping to establish a company as a leader in its industry can be found in the example of Tesco’s Home Plus chain.

In Korea, chain supermarket Tesco’s Home Plus created a convenient way for their customers to get their groceries. In this campaign, Tesco places incredibly realistic billboards in subways, depicting supermarket shelves stocked with inventory. By scanning the QR codes on the billboards for the appropriate items, the grocery store would actually deliver the goods to the consumer’s home.

This is a genius approach to mobile marketing for a variety of reasons.

  • It saved shoppers a ton of time: People are already busy enough with their daily schedules, especially those with hectic careers. This campaign allowed shoppers to get their grocery shopping done without adding more time to their day. They were able to shop while waiting on their train. This shows that Tesco is willing to help their customers even outside of their store doors.
  • It helps build brand loyalty. Using QR codes in such a convenient ways shows shoppers that Tesco is more worried about making their lives easier than getting them in their stores to spend money. The delivery of groceries is seen by many as going above and beyond their competition.
  • It showed their customers that they are on the cutting edge of marketing, making them appear like a leader in the industry. It’s not just the super convenient approach that they are offering, but the fact that they came up with such a widespread convenience based on modern mobile marketing technologies.

What are some other ways you have seen companies using QR codes in ways that are making shopping much more convenient for their customers?