How QR Codes Can Bring Fun Into the Waiting Period at Restaurants

We’ve talked about how restaurants can better use QR codes in their advertising and even how they can create a more pleasant dining experience for their customers. In creating this more robust and well-rounded dining experience, some establishments have come up with very inventive ways to use QR codes.

A big part of accomplishing this is to keep the entire experience engaging and fun. This means changing up the period of time between the patron’s ordering their food and food arriving. And thanks to QR codes, there are now numerous ways to do this.
The following are a few examples of how some restaurants have used QR codes to provide entertainment for customers during the waiting period, as well as a few we’d like to see.

One tactic that seems to be getting popular with families are QR codes that lead to fin activities to be played at the table. These are typically trivia-style games. One such example is the QR codes on some of Olive Garden’s coasters which take the user to a trivia game that is all about wine.

Online comment cards could be a great way to get a good gauge on how customers are being served and what sort of adjustments could be made internally.

Deserts are usually a last minute decision for most families. Why not incorporate a QR code on the table in the form of a coaster of marketing piece that features all of the deserts? What are they made of, what do they look like from a nutrition perspective?

This one is a longshot but could go a long way to improve customer relations and the way waiters treat their tables. Perhaps a QR code could be given to each table by the hostess with a QR code that links to a landing page with brief information about the waiter? Nothing in depth, of course…just small details such as favorite music, favorite color, favorite menu item, and so on. Talk about engaging with the customer!

What are some other great QR code ideas you have seen at restaurants? Do you have some ideas that you have yet to see being incorporated? Share them in the comments section!