QR Codes Are Adding Luster to Jewelry

QR codes are helping people verify product information all across the board—from cars to sushi. Now they are also poised to help consumers avoid purchasing faked or flawed jewelry.

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) is adding QR codes to many of their certified products. Now when it comes to gauging the value of diamonds or other expensive jewelry, consumers don’t just have to take the jeweler’s word for it. Instead, customers can scan a QR code that has been approved by the IGI to get accurate information about the product.

Each product that is assigned a QR code will also be given its own webpage that will display all of that product’s relevant information. This information includes gemological grading information as well as the cut, color, and carat.

The benefits to consumers are obvious, but these codes also stand to help the jewelers out as well. With scannable items verifying the worth and condition of certain pieces, jewelers stand to have far less complaints or requested returns. More than that, the ability to scan the item while speaking to customers will do wonders for trust and credibility. It’s one thing to be told of a diamond’s flawless condition by a jeweler, but quite another to see it in print from the IGI.
The ability to scan these codes also allows the buyer to have access to a digital certificate of the diamond’s authenticity.

And let’s be honest…this gives women another way to ensure that their husbands know what to get them for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. When scanning an item, the webpage becomes accessible and easy to pull up on your smartphone or mobile device. And with all of the certified information there, you have proof of the jewelry’s condition.

No longer do you have to leave the store, go home to do your research, and then come back only to find that someone else has purchased your piece. With QR codes in play, your research can be done within seconds right there in the store.

It’s obvious that QR codes will help consumers and businesses in the jewelry industry. What are some other products you think could benefit from the use of QR codes?