QR Codes Now Helping First Responders, Thanks to Mercedes-Benz

QR codes being used in the automotive industry is nothing new—but it seems that companies continue to find more and more uses for them on a daily basis.

Mercedes-Benz is the latest to get in on QR code use. They plan to use the code as a means to make the work of emergency crews much more efficient and safer. Following an accident, the QR codes can be scanned by emergency responders to find out the proper way to cut through the vehicle quickly.

Currently, plans are to place the codes on the inside of gas tank flaps as well as on the frame between the front and back doors. In most cases, these locations tend to take on less damage than the rest of the car.

The ability to save crash victims has never been easier. Currently, in the case of Mercedes-Benz, emergency workers usually have to call a number with a registration number. Someone on the other line then has to give them instructions on the best way to cut through the vehicle and its frame. With this information now accessible through a quick and easy scan, several minutes can be saved in the process.

And that means adding several minutes to getting to the passenger and making sure they are safe.

Moreover, the QR codes will also come with information pertaining to the car’s battery, electric cables, airbags, and many other items.
While some companies have implemented such measures to some degree, this is the first that has been so visible and publicized. Hopefully this undertaking by Mercedes-Benz will inspire similar experiments with QR technology in the future.

In dangerous situations where every minute can be crucial, this huge time saver shows how QR codes can be an extremely important part in emergency situations. What are some other ways you have seen QR codes being used in life-saving situations?