Toyota Using QR Codes to Promote Safer Driving

Toyota has unleashed a new print campaign in Peru that relies heavily on QR codes. The campaign was designed to build driver awareness of the many hazards associated with using your phone will driving. When scanned, the codes take the user to downloadable augmented reality-driven app.

The print materials show objects such as children and cows in the road, emblazed with QR codes. When they are scanned, the child or cow disappears, leaving the message “When you use your smartphone, you can’t really see what’s on the road”. This is highly engaging and user-friendly app that is helping educate users on a very important cause. Being that it is more than just a flashy app is also helping it gain momentum among users.

The appeal to this app is that users are being encouraged to use the very mobile device that they are being warned against. This sort of ironic approach has made the app quite popular. In fact, it is the 20th most downloaded app in the Peru’s history, having been downloaded more than 120,000 times within just a few days.

This is yet another example of how QR codes can breach multiple uses; in this case, it is educational as well as entertaining. The augmented reality app and the ability of the objects in the road to disappear before the user’s eyes in not the first of its kind, but is still seen as being cutting edge as to what these sorts of apps are capable of.

Further irony found in the campaign is the fact that it was Toyota who first started using QR codes as a way to better organize their inventory nearly twenty years ago.

What other ways can you think of for QR codes and other current technologies to clue people into the dangers of using smartphones and other mobile devices while driving?