New Advances Give QR Codes the Ability to Potentially Save Your Life

We all know that QR codes are highly effective for the mobile marketing efforts of businesses. There is really no end to how they can help grow a small business in particular.

But a new developing trend also shows us that QR codes could also serve multiple purposes on an individual level as well.

Imagine the sense of panic in a first responder when they arrive at an accident scene and an unresponsive victim has very little personal information on them. When responders have very little information to go on, the chances for life-threatening medical errors increase drastically.

Now, imagine that the victim has some form of ID that contains a QR code that gives the first responders all sorts of vital information: previous medical conditions, any current medications, allergies, and so forth. More than that, using QR codes could also allow family members to be notified of the accident in much faster fashion than current means allow.

This is simply one of many ways that people are finding ways to use QR codes to improve the various areas of health care. Faster response times for those seriously injured can save countless lives. This technological advance would also help doctors to provide accurate medical attention to patients in the event of an emergency situation. No longer will they have to waste time waiting on medical records and similar vital information—with this tool, they could literally get their required information within seconds by simply scanning a QR code.

The idea, as of right now, is in its infancy. But there are many software developers, nursing students and medical venture capital companies that are working tirelessly on implementing this advance in QR code use.

This is yet another example of how QR codes, when used correctly and with creativity and convenience in mind, can improve the lives of nearly everyone on the planet.

What innovative ideas do you have for using QR codes?