QR Codes for the Deceased

Modern technologies are making life easier for everyone. Tools like QR codes are making the lives of small business owners much easier in terms of marketing efforts. Actually, as of late, it goes a bit further than that; QR codes are no longer a convenience to enjoy in life—but now they can assist with the afterlife as well.

In Shenyang, China, one cemetery manager has started offering QR codes as an addition to the gravestones of the deceased. While this may seem like a rather morbid scenario at first it begins to make sense the more you think about it. In fact, numerous families have already signed up for this feature.

For families, the use of QR codes on tombstones and grave markers stand to play a huge part in retaining a legacy. By scanning the codes, loved ones will be able to pull up a detailed life summary of the deceased. Complete with photos and life stories, this is a great way to remember those that have passed away.

Of course, when it comes to the sanctity of life and respecting the death of loved ones, there are some that are crying foul over this innovation. Some are calling the including of these codes disrespectful.

Still, there appears to be more support behind the idea than negativity. The scan will lead users to a specially created webpage, created by the cemetery or the family itself; this keeps some decorum of privacy that can be set by the family.

Using QR codes in this way is essentially no different than any other use. In marketing, they allow businesses to sneak in additional information that the promotional material won’t hold. And in the case of these Shenyang cemeteries, the codes are allowing families to include much more information than a tombstone could ever hold.

Some might say that this is one of the more innovative uses of QR code technology. Whatever your feelings might be on the matter, it’s evident that QR codes are shaping the way we live our lives…and, perhaps, our deaths.