QR Codes Now Appearing in Diapers...Sort Of

Need further proof how the kind of good that QR codes can do? They’ve already proven useful for organization and helping teachers in the classroom. But now they’re going several step further and helping warn parents of urinary tract infections in their infants.

Let that sink in for a while.

A company called Pixie Scientific has created a “smart diaper” that is decked out with QR codes on the rear end of the diaper. The code is also surrounded by several urine test strips. Once the diaper becomes wet, these strips take samples of the urine and then alters the colors surrounding the QR code. Parents can then scan the QR code with a scanning app which will give the test results.

Any parent that has had an infant suffering from a urinary tract infection knows just how invaluable this can be. By being able to keep track of the progress of what a doctor has diagnosed as a urinary tract infection, parents can tell when their baby is getting better or, unfortunately, worse in their condition.

Doctors, obviously, can also use this great tool to document how well certain medications are doing to treat the infections. Doctors are showing excitement in this seemingly simple tool in that many are working towards trying to get similar applications of QR codes to work in the diagnosis of other ailments.

For now, parents won’t be able to get these QR code diapers in stores, Because urine test strips are being used, the FDA is involved and that causes the whole matter to get muddied. Still, the project has garnered a lot of attention and even has an IndieGogo campaign behind it, allowing anyone to contribute finding and get in during the early stages of development.

Has anyone out there seen or heard of any other uses for QR codes that carry this much promise for bettering the lives of others?