Xbox One Allows Gamers to Use QR Codes for easier Access

The new Xbox One was a much hyped system that is still pleasing most gamers (although it has polarized a few for different reasons). One of the new technologies it is implementing is the ability to read QR codes.

You might wonder why a gaming system would need to scan QR codes. And if you are wondering such a thing, then you obviously aren’t much of a gamer. You see, in many cases, games are currently asking for the players to type in various codes—codes that are used for gameplay, promotions, extra material, and so on.

Now, with this new QR technology built into the system, gamers can flash a code in front of the system’s camera and input the codes in a much easier way. Whenever a code is asked for during gameplay or other interactions, the system automatically starts looking for codes as well as awaiting input from the players.

This advantage to gamers makes one wonder what other similar ways QR codes could be used. Here are some initial thoughts:

  • Would there be any way to use mobile devices to make automated phone calls less of a hassle? Tis would save hundreds of hours for the average person as it would allow you to skip the nonsense of “enter your social security number, now enter your date of birth, now enter your customer ID number…”
  • This technology could also be used on drivers licenses (although we’re sure the DMV would somehow slow it down). QR codes on a drivers license would certainly make the work of policemen much easier at the scene of an accident or even just during a routine speeding violation when they have to pull someone over and take down their information.
  • The benefits of QR codes for banking transactions are obvious, but they also bring with them security risks and issues. So while the idea is great, what are the real chances we’ll see this incorporated anytime soon?

How about you? What are some other ways we could use this Xbox One example to further the use of QR codes to simplify our lives? Leave your ideas in the comments.